UQAM Summer School

The Executive MBA Summer School of ESG UQÀM is the short exchange course for students to study at ESG UQAM headquarters, practising theoretical knowledge into real-case studies in various activities. This special program is organised in August annually which takes only one week for students to complete. 

Participating in UQAM Summer School, students can take a chance to study in the Intensive classes on Strategic intelligence and Scenario planning, city sight and happy hours, collaboration through a live business case, visiting tour of the firm headquarters and facilities, presentations and executive briefing.

Besides, this offers students an opportunity to experience world-class teaching and modern facilities and especially, meeting UQAM Executive MBA program’s students from around the world. 

Subject: Strategic and Competitive Intelligence

UQAM Summer School aims to develop students’ ability to launch a strategic intelligence process and harness the tools available to analyse and interpret the strategic information needed to anticipate changes in markets, competition, technologies and other contingency factors in order to make the best possible strategic decisions.

By the end of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Master the concepts of strategic intelligence in a competitive environment; 
  • Establish a connection between strategic and competitive intelligence and the company’s strategic processes; 
  • Understand the links between strategic intelligence and competitive advantage; 
  • Initiate and plan a strategic and competitive intelligence process;
  • Identify relevant monitoring directions and sources of information relevant to strategic decision making in a competition context.